About me

I am Keith Ma, your friendly neighborhood research scientist and software developer. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Indigo Ag, where I build large-scale data analytics tools for agricultural monitoring and prediction. I am also working towards completing my PhD at in Geology & Geophysics at Yale University.

In the past, was a Data Science Fellow with Insight Data Science, a Research Scientist in applied machine learning at Boston Fusion Corp, and was an HPC programming consultant with Boston University Research Computing Services.

I am always happy to talk - so please feel free to reach out!

About this blog

This blog is intended as a place to share things that I think are worth sharing in an informal setting. The site is just starting out, but I expect it to include my own work and discussions of other’s work that I found interesting and useful. Suggestions are most welcome.

About the name

NaN means “not a number”, which is often what you get when something goes horribly wrong in your code. As any scientific programmer will know, it is all to common to excitedly print the output of some long-running simulation only to find … it’s all damn NaNs! Hopefully this blog can help someone, somewhere, sometime do more science and get less NaNs.

In meme form:

'Scroll of Truth' meme
Original comic by Tate Parker, not sure who made this wonderful variant.